We are Limited by Your Imagination!

Intelligence and Imagination

Albert Einstein once said, “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination” and an unknown author said, “Anyone who thinks the sky is the limit, has limited imagination. It seems like they were both “wicked smart”. A twist to being limited by one’s own imagination is being limited by someone else’s imagination. If a person can visualize something that seems impossible, there will most likely be someone who can actually make it a reality.  There are times when I mix up the two words innovation and invention. Innovation refers to the use of a better device, idea or a new process, while invention is the creation of the method or the product itself.

Static Clean’s new Model TSN75E is an example of an innovation that became an invention, which is now Intellectual Property (IP).   It is a high voltage line frequency 50/60 Hz transformer based AC Power Supply, with a special Resistive Output Coupler that provides optimal TSN75e-power-supplyvoltage limiting and load regulation, thus enhancing the reliability of the Static Neutralizing System.

Static Bars and Power Supplies

The number of static bars that can operate on a single power supply is dictated by the length of the static bars, the length of the high voltage cable and the construction of the high voltage cable. (Shielded or non-shielded).   The load is calculated in Pico farads (pF).   Customer kept asking us, can I add one more static bar to my existing power supply, so we created a matrix chart based on the new TSN75E that makes it easier for our customers to make the right choice.  To learn more send an email to techsales@staticclean.com or visit our website for a Live Chat, depending on the time of day.   With that said, have a good day dream and keep using that imagination.

Quantum Theory and Many Are Leery

Quantum Theory

Quantum physics or in reality, quantum mechanics provides a mathematical description of the dual, particle-like and wave-like behavior and interactions of energy and matter.    The mathematical formulas of quantum mechanics are abstract and therefore were hard for most people to comprehend because they required an understanding of complex numbers and linear functions. In 1900 the atomic hypothesis was widely understood, but not universally accepted.   These waveforms were considered to be like acoustic resonance. From Wikipedia, the term acoustic resonance is sometimes used to narrow mechanical resonance to the frequency range of human hearing. However, many times the frequency is outside the range of human hearing. You could see what creative means had to be adopted to understand the unknown or unheard.

Grounding Electricity

Everyone understand that most things electrical should be always at ground potential. There are Electrical Codes and the NFPA writes the book on proper grounding.   We make sure our buildings, electrical equipment and appliances are all grounded and ionizers use a ground reference to create positive and negative ions. Sometimes we drive copper rods into the earth to seek proper grounding. One of the first things we look for in malfunctions in equipment is a ground fault. We think in terms of keeping things at “zero”. In the quantum mechanics model it works on a non-zero state, and instead of traditional static it allows for far more dynamic possibilities. Thinking totally outside of the box!!

Young Einstein

In 1905 Albert Einstein, at the age of 26, postulated that the energy of a beam of light is quantized and just a year later he used quantization ideas to study the heat/temperature puzzle of various gases. In 1911 quantization was used to experiments to understand position and speed albert-einsteinand in 1913 quantum mechanics/physics were introduced to gain understanding of the hydrogen atom. This scientific development lost some of its traction with the start of the First World War in 1914.   After the war, quantum mechanics expanded rapidly. We didn’t evolve to understand quantum physics, but the search made it more exciting, but not everyone was excited and quantum mechanics has its main detractors.   Although it has been a century since we established how quantum mechanics “works”, according to cosmologist Sean Carroll, we still don’t know what it really means. He went on to say that it might even be the most embarrassing subject in all of modern physics.

Some of us grew up in an era of Star Trek and the Starship Enterprise that was able to hit Warp Speed and others watched the TV show Quantum Leap, while others watch Carl Sagan in the Science hit Cosmos. Sagan said that at the heart of science, there are two distinguishing features which is uniquely valuable at the foundation of a workable world view. One of these is the self-correcting mechanism that not only allows for, but encourages, an unrelenting process of testing proposition in terms of their workability and falsifiability. The other is an essential balance between two attitudes: “an openness to new ideas, no matter how counter-intuitive, and the most ruthlessly skeptical scrutiny of all ideas, old and new.

Static Clean is proud to have an engineering team that pushes the boundaries of product development, but always with an eye towards verification and certification. “May the Force be with you”.

I’ll Take Passion over Pragmatism Every Time

The definition of pragmatism is a practical, matter-of-fact way of approaching or assessing situations or of solving problems.  Quite a bit has been written on the question of “Passion vs. Pragmatism” and which is the correct path towards being successful. It has been said that Francois Mitterrand, the former president of France used pragmatism as his passion and that he only used tactics throughout the course of his presidency, to the dismay and frustration of his friends and enemies. However, his 14 years in office made him the longest serving president in the history or France.

In life if you are in the process of starting a business or challenged with leading and growing a business, it seems that those who are successful support passion, but have to be pragmatic at the same time. I would argue that passion has to be the dominant gene. Passion brings vision and from that vision grows ideas, which become a finished product or service. Obviously, unchecked passion can put a person or a company at risk. It happens when the “sales team”, gets excited by a customer’s product suggestion and they want engineering to tool up to develop and manufacture based on their excitement. It is also like have the same person who is responsible for product engineering be the quality control manager as well. Under that scenario there may be a tendency to let shoddy work or mistakes get out the door.

Passion is an intense emotion and it has been used to strengthen a word or a phrase. Examples of this are passion fruit, passion food, passion play, and passionate love affair. There is little doubt that when passion is used as an adjective, we get a clear vision of its meaning, which is why we should always follow our passion. When kids are young, they have wild ideas on what they want to be when they grow up. As parents, we cringe and know that our kids will eventually come back to reality. In fact, most parents tamper their children’s passion and crush their enthusiasm. I am “Guilty as Charged”, especially when my oldest daughter wanted to move to Hollywood to become an actress. It’s that innate sense of guiding our loved ones that drives our passion to protect. This story happens to have a happy ending, because our daughter came to work at Static Clean International, our own family owned business. As a customer service ambassador, she shares the same passion that drives our static eliminator brand loyalty into an increased presence in the global economy.