Cliché Slogans Designed To Keep a Conversation Alive

Stereotyping Our Expressions

People always feel the need to say something when they greet people, so they usually say things like, “it’s a beautiful day”, “they’re calling for rain”, “it’s a bit cloudy” or some other reference to the weather. Let’s face it we all do it.   It seems that every time we watch the news or talk shows, they all say the same old clichés, but the one that seems to be getting most people’s attention and disdain is the over-used and abused, “At the end of the day”.

The Cliche Commonplace

There are more attractive ways to say the same thing, including “when all is said and done”, “the fact of the matter”, and “in the final analysis”.  A friend of mine from Carmel, Indiana was a big Pink Floyd fan who put together a compilation album of their hits and he had a clever title for the CD.  He called it “The Animals Wish You Were Here on the Dark Side of the Wall. It was his way of getting four separate albums under one creative name. If you know the group Pink Floyd, you already know the creative genius behind the band, but you will also recognize the creative liberty that my friend took in coming up with his title.

A Rose by Another Name

When it comes to being creative and trying not to be so cliché, coming up with names for newly developed products, can be as hard as trying to pick a name for a new baby.   Watch for new products from Static Clean in the coming weeks with names like Particle Trap® Mini, Tempest, and the APSC-5 Nozzle. Let’s face it, when all is said and done, at the end of the day, the fact of the matter is that in the final analysis, you can always find something new at