Product Spotlight – Tempest Ionizing Air Blower

Tempest Ionizing Air Blower and the Background on its Name

Webster’s Dictionary defines a Tempest as a windy storm or a disturbance.  When static electricity is present, especially on products assembled in electronics or medical device manufacturing facilities, it takes a disturbance to break the forces of static attraction of particles and electrostatic discharge (esd).  Static Clean is excited to introduce the Tempest Ionizing Air Blower used in work stations where static sensitive devices are handled.

TEMPEST is also a National Security Agency specification and NATO certification to protect the USA from leaks of information via spying by such methods as radio and electrical signals, sounds and vibrations.  The bottom line on either Tempest is that the goal is to protect sensitive materials.

The Tempest Ionizing Air Blower uses a fan to induce ambient air past energized emitter pins to deliver ionized air to the desired location.  The airflow is regulated by a speed control whereby the ionized air can be either gentle or more aggressive simply by changing the fan speed position.  The unit includes a replaceable filter to clean the air that enters the fan.  It also has an emitter point cleaner, built into the front shroud, making maintenance simple.  As a comfort factor, the Tempest also includes a heater with its own on/off switch.  Integrated into the Tempest is the electronics required to create a balanced stream of positive and negative ions.