Spring Has Sprung And We Are On The Move

Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zone

Like the flowers bloom, we have sprung into new growth, too.  Static Clean International no longer resides at 15 Adams Street Burlington, MA 01803 alongside Filter Sales & Service. We are now in a new location: 267 Boston Road Suite #8 North Billerica, MA 01862. We have grown out of our space in Burlington, but … we still work very closely with Filter Sales & Service on cleanrooms and HEPA filtration. It is an integral part of our business to provide clean space and a controlled environment to our customers, mainly medical companies.

There was a lot of work and preparation in getting ready for the move. Not only was the building redesigned to fit our needs – but we had a lot of packing, unpacking, organizing, heavy lifting, many trips between locations and several weekends spent working to get the new digs up to our specifications.  One of our favorite rooms is our new conference room.  Furnished with a new Vizio flat screen television this will allow us to show our products better in a presentation as well as our vendors showcasing theirs to us. We also have a wide array of products on display. Our MCS-AS (automated medical cleaning station), Hepa Clean 3000 and Particle Trap® are now set up so that customers can bring their parts in and test out our equipment.

Slow Growth Bears the Best Fruit…

Static Clean has been steadily growing, so it was time to find our own space that includes a new 6,000 square foot manufacturing department. We now have more space for the production and development of new products. So stay tuned! As the business has grown, so has the employed staff. We needed a space that was large enough for our expanded production and to create more office space.

Chris Middleton, Manufacturing Supervisor, when asked how he felt about the move said, there is “more space, more room for growth and more efficient work space”.

Matthew Crothers, Customer Service Rep said, “This move for Static Clean brings us up to the next level of being a competitor in the field of static control and contamination control. We have a strong team that is working towards a cohesive goal of becoming a major player in this industry. Moving to this new building provides us with the space and ability for even more product development and efficiency. It is a step in the right direction”.

Jim Patterson, President said, “It is a big move for our company but with the anticipated growth we knew we had to move to a larger facility.”

The general consensus of the Static Clean team is that this move will provide us with the tools we need to bring this business to the next level.

John Maxwell once said, “If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone”..and we sure are growing. With the start of spring (minus the freak 6 inches of snow that New England got on the first day of spring), we have sprung into a new move. Our new facility is large enough that there is room for even more growth. A freak 6 inches of snow on the first day of spring is out of the realm of normal weather patterns this time of year (well, maybe not for New England), so you might need to wear warmer clothes to adapt to the changes. Just like the weather patterns change and you may need to step outside with snow boots in a month where the grass is supposed to be green, we need to continue learning and gaining knowledge so that as we do grow we remain #staticeliminator experts. “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain”… or snow! (Anonymous, more recently attributed to Vivian Greene).


Static Innovates for High Reliability

Shocking Technology!

Static Clean International has developed a new breed of transformer-based high-voltage line-frequency AC power supplies (e.g. TSN75A and TNS75E 7500Vac PSs) relying upon patent-pending technology for application in ionizing equipment. This new technology has been so far applied within SCI static-neutralizing equipment systems and within SCI ionizing blowers.

The longstanding conventional technology within the industry relies upon the use of sound-muffling and corona-resistant materials to pot over the underlying iron-core transformer. The high-voltage secondary winding of the iron-core transformer generates partial discharge of encapsulated air bubbles at normal operating voltages. This limits MTBF of such equipment due to eventual chemical breakdown of the organic polymers subjected to the continuous slow and insidious damage from corona.

The user HV connections (if applicable, as in some static-neutralizing systems with HV-cable user-mounted components) in the conventional power supplies also require proprietary methods and tooling to fabricate the secondary section of the transformer that are only used within the ionizing equipment industry for the most part.

Warning! High Voltage..

SCI’s new technology is a form of resistive coupling between transformer secondary winding and ionizing electrodes circuitry. It enables the use of more common transformer fabrication methods and raises the partial-discharge inception voltage (aka PDIV) to levels above normal operating voltage for the equipment. It provides some regulation (i.e. high-voltage stability) for non-ferroresonant HV transformer topologies, and it enables the quick-connect/disconnect de facto standard (threaded spring-contact) for ionizing equipment systems that contain a user-mounted HV-wire component as well as similar equipment-internal spring-contact HV connections that are desirable for assembly and reliability.

We at SCI believe that a superior cost-performance-quality trade-off can be achieved with the new transformer/resistive-coupling methods for some products, and are continuing with ongoing new product development based upon this proprietary technology and provides a high reliability solution.  New products in the field have demonstrated excellent robustness with respect to the common failure mode of HV-secondary dielectric breakdown.