The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020-2021 has created a negative impact and economic disaster for businesses and manufacturing entities worldwide.  Many businesses suffered and continue to suffer and finding prosperity during Covid-19 has been outright difficult.  For those that were deemed essential and did not have to close their doors, it was challenging.  Due to being a supplier to medical device manufacturers, Static Clean International (SCI) was deemed essential as we bring a unique solution to a long-time problem that happens when particles are attracted onto medical devices and inside of their packaging materials.  One of the biggest issues that can cause rejects, rework and potential harm to patients that need medical devices is foreign matter (Particles).   A relationship between airborne particles and potential viruses has been established and the need for critical action has put Static Clean at the forefront.  Devices such as catheters, syringes, valves, deliver systems with narrow fluid paths are impacted by particles.

Static Clean International (SCI) is a leading supplier and manufacturer of Static and Contamination Control Products in North America and around the globe.  Static is what causes particles and debris to attach to other things, especially plastics, which makes up most medical devices.  The Static Clean team has really stepped up to provide equipment that helps to ensure that medical products are kept static-free and contamination-free and ready for use in procedures at clinics and hospitals.   This is especially important on devices that will end up inside of the human body.

Did COVID-19 change the game for companies that support medical device manufacturers, such as Static Clean? Or is the rest of the world finally catching on to the idea of being Static “Clean”? Whatever way you look at it – being Static Clean is a good thing in the times of COVID-19 and always. Static Clean feels blessed to have been able to stay open and contribute to the cause during times of Covid-19.

To address the demand and to continue manufacturing “Static Clean” products—they are expanding the operation into additional manufacturing space with a new buildout at 7 Stuart Road in Chelmsford, MA.  This new space will be in addition to their existing facility at 267 Boston Road in Billerica, MA. Static Clean’s core products were as relevant before as they are now. The new world is finally catching onto what Static Clean has always known.