Static Clean Announces Expansion into California with New Hire Nick Martin

North Billerica, MA. – March 7, 2023 – Static Clean announced today that they have expanded into the California Market. Static Clean was in the search for a solid sales representative that would aid in our expansion on the West Coast, yet another territory that dominates the U.S. medical device industry.

President of Static Clean, Jim Patterson commented, “In recognizing the need to support our key customers in California and to expand our base of operation, Static Clean is excited to announce the appointment of Nick Martin as Direct Western Regional Manager. Nick brings experience, organization, and enthusiasm to our team”.

Nick said, “My goal is to substantially increase Static Clean’s presence in CA using my background in Electrical/ Biomedical Engineering, my 4+ years of experience in automated adhesive dispensing as well as production automation where I serviced various clients in the Aerospace, Medical, and Industrial Industries such as Abbott and Space X.”

Static Clean’s new hire, Nick Martin, is out of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. He is the Direct Western Regional Manager for Static Clean International tasked with supporting the California Expansion. He has been given the opportunity to support various Aerospace, Biomedical, and Industrial companies that utilize our static neutralizing and Foreign Matter (FM) eliminating equipment lines in all of their major production facilities.

About Static Clean International
Static Clean International has 50 years of experience providing affordable static and contamination control products to medical device manufacturers, packagers, and industrial applications where static and particulates have a costly effect on the quality and cost of producing a product. Their main focus is on the elimination of static and the reduction of contaminants to eliminate costly rejects, tear down and rework as well as cleanroom integrity.