Daughter’s Day 2016

Jim and Jules walking down the aisle

That’s My Girl…

On Daddy-Daughter Day, it gives dads everywhere a chance to evaluate the job they’ve done in raising their daughters.   It has been said that Dads have a tremendous impact on their daughter’s self-esteem and confidence.


Laconia Bike Week

A Positive Force…

Many times you read about the friction between daughters and their dads.  In my case, especially with my daughter Jules, friction is a positive force.  We make a living working closely together at Static Clean International fixing problems for companies that are impacted by the friction forces that create static electricity.   For many of the factories that process plastic products, static means downtime.   We’ve become experts at handling friction in our personal and professional lives.  We would like to wish all dads and daughters a great day today and may the force be with you, especially if it is the positive force that bonds families.

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