Growth and Expansion a Year in Review


What a Difference a Year Makes

They say time flies when you’re having fun. That is exactly what the past year has brought to the Static Clean team. One year ago, March 9th, 2016 – Static Clean acquired a new building. Not only did this new building provide much more space, but it brought growth to our company in many different forms.

Since moving to our new building located at 267 Boston Road, Suite #8 North Billerica, MA 01862, the Static Clean team has really become a unified, well-oiled machine. We were working out of several locations in the past – but we now have one space where everyone is under one roof  working as one. Our team has become more of a family. The key ingredients that make this family run smoothly are trust, diversity and mindfulness, inter-relatedness, respect, varied interaction and effective communication. Trust is the fundamental building block of any good relationship. Without trust – people would not seek input from one another. The diversity that exists through age, race, gender and education encourages differences of opinions which broaden the number of potential solutions to one problem. We encourage Mindfulness; meaning we are open to new ideas without criticism. It allows the team to continually learn and improve. The Inter-relatedness is an understanding of the organizational structure – everyone understands their role, the role of others and how each role contributes to the goals of the company. With inter-relatedness brings Respect. Respectful interactions, honesty and tactfulness are important. The relationships that exist here are Varied Interactions. As previously described, our team is like a family – so our interactions are social and task related. With trust also comes Effective Communication. Face-to-face, e-mails, phone calls are all welcome to ensure that the team is on the same page. These eight factors have really contributed to the growth and unity of the Static Clean family.

Trust and Respect Equals Growth

Speaking of family growth – since moving to our new building – we have gained four new employees. Timmy Jarvis was hired for full-time as Assistant Production Supervisor to Chris Middleton; Kerry Duprez works part-time in our manufacturing department. Lee MacMillan was hired for full-time as the Lead Engineering Manager. Holly Guarino was hired for a full-time position on the management team at Static Clean learning all the different disciplines of the organization. Each new person strongly contributes good work ethic, ideas and contributions. This is especially welcomed as business has significantly grown since our move.

mcs-testing-1 Within the past year – Static Clean has enormously propelled forward in our innovation, technology, employees and work space. Last year – the consensus of the Static Clean team is that this move will provide us with the tools we need to bring this business to the next level. This year – we feel as though we have steadily progressed to the next level. President and Owner Jim Patterson said, “Static Clean has been in its brand-new facility for one year and in that year, we’ve seen tremendous growth.  Growth to the point where we are expanding our operation again by adding an additional 4,000 square feet.
One of the key contributors to our growth has been the addition of a new ISO Class 7 Cleanroom. Customers can bring their parts into our cleanroom and use our ionizing, source-capturing products to verify that our particle reduction systems will bring a huge return on investment in a relatively short time.” I will leave you with that, until next year when I will hopefully have even more growth and development to report!


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