The 9055-2 is a compact power unit designed to serve up to two static eliminators.

Fraser’s comprehensive range of power units
Uses American-style bayonet connectors

Compact construction
Two connections for combined bar and cable length of 12 m

Illuminated on/off switch, USA/Canada UL certification

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The 9055-2 is part of Fraser’s comprehensive family of advanced power units which provide the high voltage required to produce ionisation in our range of AC static eliminators.

A compact power unit, the 9055-2 is designed to serve up to two static eliminators.

  • Conforming to the highest market standards, the 9055-2 provides 5.5 kV of ionising power
  • Low running costs (typically 25 W)
  • Exceeds international safety requirements with fully encapsulated windings, current-limited design and automatic shut-down if there is a short on the static eliminator

The 9055-2 has American-style bayonet connectors, with a separate earth wire.

It has an illuminated on/off switch and is supplied with 2.2 m of hard-wired mains cable.