Winstat BF-X2ME Single Fan HDC-AC Air Ionizer

Winstat BF-X2ME Single Fan HDC-AC Air Ionizer


The Winstat Model BF-X2ME compact benchtop ionizer is a slim, lightweight unit that removes static in a wide range of applications especially in the electronics and medical device manufacturing and packaging process. It features Hybrid Digital Controlled AC (HDC-AC) technology that has long-term and stable static elimination capabilities.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 10 in


The Winstat BF-X2ME compact air ionizer is slim and light weight for desktop use.  The Hybrid Digital Controlled AC (HDC-AC) allows less emitter erosion which means long term stability and performance.  It also has a built-in high voltage power supply.  The louvers and emitter needle cartridges are detachable.

Additional Information

Weight:   Approximately 8 lb (with bracket)

Dimensions:  12″ width x 18″ height x 10″ depth (not including bracket)


Main Features:

  • Easy Maintenance with detachable louver and emitter needle cartridge.
  • Without feedback control, the ion balance is suppressed to + 3V or less.
  • Increased long-term & stable performance due to reduced abrasions & dust on emitter needle.
  • LED display & error output sends out alarms on abnormal power or fan output.
  • Adjustable angle with lock function to prevent change of angle due to vibration.
  • Note: Front louver is not the same as the BF-S2MB
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