Winstat BF-X4ME 2-Fan Ionizer – Static Solution

Winstat BF-X4ME 2-Fan Ionizer – Static Solution


The Winstat BF-X4ME Wide Coverage 2-Fan Ionizing Blower’s light-weight design makes this blower the ideal choice for ionization at the workbench, or directly above the work surface. The blower will help remove static in a wide range of applications especially in the Electronics and Medical Device Manufacturing Industry. With its excellent ion balance and fast decay rates, the BF-X4ME Ionizer is the perfect tool to use when process concerns should arise due to static charges.


The Winstat BF-X4ME is an updated model of BF-X4MB. The new model is a thin and lightweight air ionizer providing solutions for ESD problems and electrostatic issues of plastic films.  The three types of products (HDC-AC, high frequency and DC) can be used on the equipment, on the production line and on the table for long distance and wide range static elimination.


Additional information

Weight 7.5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 8 in


  • Wide range static elimination upto 400mm.
  • HDC-AC transformer gives long-term stable static elimination performance.
  • Resin-made casing reduced weight.
  • Use two 120mm fan motors (continuously changeable) to produce large amounts of airflow with high-speed static elimination.
  • Easy to detach parts for maintenance as louver and emitter needles only need a finger press to detach from the unit, no extra tools needed.
  • Safety design
    • power off for louver removal.
    • micro-discharge and over-current detection.
  • Adjustable angle with lock function to prevent change of angle due to vibration.

Replacement Parts

  • Emitter Needle Unit:  DNU-W85
  • Filter Replacement:   OBF-F2ZA-1-10 (10 filters per pack)
  • Front Louver:  OBF-L300TA4