We ended up putting the Static Clean Sentinel Blower into the tote as powder was being sifted. This product controlled the static before it was able to escape the room. We were able to go from 2500 units packaged in a shift to 4000, which was normal prior to this static-related process problem. Thank you Static Clean International for all your help! You can add another satisfied customer to your list!

The Saskatoon Colostrum Co. Ltd.
Kevin McCaslin
Production Manager

StaticClean does an outstanding job at understanding the problem and offering a variety of options.  They are excellent source for static solutions. UFP Technologies has been very pleased with their service and commitment

UFP Technologies
Director of Manufacturing Engineering

Static Clean has set the bar in our industry by offering products and customer service that is second to none. We’re extremely proud to work with them. We recommend Static Clean International to anybody to solve static issues!

Bob Blickwede

The people and their products and service have been commendable through all phases of our particulate contaminant controls. From the initial investigations, through equipment recommendations and technical assistance, and follow-up support; even to the extent of quoting the right equipment at competitive prices. I will continue to rely on them for future requirements, and would recommend them to others.

Jay A. Yohn
Process Engineer
Brentwood Industries
Specialty Products Group

As always, we appreciate your teams support on your static elimination products, since we have changed over to Static Clean we have seen a upswing in acceptance of static products as they truly fill a gap in web cleaning, we keep a system in house just to demonstrate to our Medical Device customers as we see a greater need today with the new web materials. The Static Clean Medical Web Vac’s do a great job of cleaning and collecting FM off the blisters before final sealing. We see significant improvement mitigating FM as a result. AS a machine builder it is extremely important to align ourselves with quality products and vendors.

Jon Ford
Executive Vice President of Sales / RND Automation

In reference to the 4203 High-Speed Bar for a waterfall capper application: “I ran 1000 lids through the capper yesterday as so far it has changed my life!! Round two today as I will run 3000… best money I’ve spent in a while!!!

Adriano Marinelli
Marinelli Brand Sauce DeBest Gourmet Food Products Ltd

Before the Particle Trap® and AGZIII, the line had around 7% rework in packaging and now it’s a little under 2%. We’ve already ordered another 2 Particle Traps and AGZIII to be installed at other lines. This is a very flexible equipment and fits most of our needs.

Scitech Medical
Hugo Machado de Castro
Processes Coordinator

We are loving the HEPAClean unit! Best purchase we’ve made all year!

Principal Quality Engineer