D2I Defender 2-Fan Ionizer

D2I Defender 2-Fan Ionizer

The D2I is ideal for ESD & ESA Protection for applications ranging from Sensitive Electronics Assembly to Medical Device Manufacturing and Packaging. Featuring HDC-AC Technology, the D2I delivers efficient balanced ionization protecting your Workstation, equipment, products and materials against costly damage due to ESD, and from excessive contamination due to ESA (electrostatic attraction).

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  • Control Static in ESD Sensitive Electronics, Automotive or Medical Assembly
  • Eliminate ESA (electrostatic attraction of Particulates for Medical Device, Electronics, Pharmaceutical and Packaging, and for all materials and components in cleanroom applications
  • Eliminate static cling and repulsion of materials and parts in Injection Molding, totes/bins, conveyors, de-gating/de-flashing stations, and assembly
  • Benchtop Medical Production and Testing
  • PCB and Semiconductor Fabrication

Features and Benefits

  • Compact BenchTop Ionizing Fan
  • ANSI/ESD S20.20 Compliant
  • Consistent and reliable static charge neutralization at workstation
  • Adjustable fan speed for easy optimization
  • HDC-AC Technology for improved performance, superior Ion Balance, and reduced Maintenance
  • Multiple Alarm LED Indicators
  • Rugged construction requiring minimal maintenance with easily replaceable air filter
  • Adjustable-angle mounting stand, adaptable for benchtop, shelf and/or wall location