The 660 is a compact static discharger for low cost, effective static elimination.

Simple and effective
Can reduce high charges to a low level

Easy to install
Does not require electrical supply

Available in 1000 mm lengths
Can be cut to required size by customer


The compact 660 Static Discharger is used to neutralise static electricity on countless types of machines including paper handling, packaging, labelling, coding and printing.  Low cost and versatile, the 660 strip brush provides simple and effective ‘passive’ static elimination across a wide variety of web and sheet applications.

The fine conductive tips of the stainless steel fibre concentrate the electric field to create ionised air which allows the static charge to flow to earth.  The fibre has the softness of sewing cotton and will not scratch if touching the material to be neutralised.  The filaments also have an EVA size, or coating, which gives them resilience, flexibility and a long life.

Available in 1000 mm lengths, the 660 can be cut to size, allowing multiple short lengths to be joined to form circles or other non-linear shapes.  For wider applications, several 660 Static Dischargers can be joined together on a metal bracket.

660 Static Dischargers must be connected to earth.