The 406/7 and 409/11 Static Dischargers are powerful anti-static tape brushes that are easy-to-use and install.

Simple and effective
Can reduce high charges to a low level

Ideal for OEMs
Fast installation without fixings

Available in reels
Simple to cut to size required

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Part of our family of static dischargers, the 406/7 and 409/11 are powerful anti-static brushes.  They are easy to use and install on paper and plastics handling equipment, marking, labelling and coding machines or other small machinery such as cash dispensers.

The 406/7 and 409/11 tape brushes have a large number of highly conductive, soft stainless steel filaments with a diameter of 12 µm.  The fine tips of the filament concentrate the static charge to ionise the air and allow the charge to flow to earth.

The conductive adhesive on the tape body allows it to be mounted onto a conductive and earthed part of the machine.  No other fixing is required.  If the machine does not provide an earth, then a separate earth wire should be connected to the adhesive body.

The flexibility of the tape brushes allows them to be formed into curves and other non-linear shapes.  This, combined with the simplicity and speed of being able to cut to size and install, makes them ideal for OEM applications.

Available in multiple lengths, these ‘passive’ static eliminators are available in two standard sizes:

  • 406/7 – 6 mm tape body, 7 mm fibre
  • 409/11 – 9 mm tape body, 11 mm fibre