Static Eliminators

Static Clean provides a full range of static eliminators which include static bars, blow off guns and systems, ionizers, ionized airguns, ionizing nozzles, ionizing bars, ionizing blowers, benchtop ionizers, overhead ionizing blowers and air knives.  In addition, power supplies and various meters including the Honestmeter, electrostatic field probes, surface resistance test kits, static locators, electrostatic voltmeters and ground system testers.

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  • 101 / 201 Static Dischargers offer high performance with unrivalled cost effectiveness.

    Simple and effective
    Can reduce high charges to a low level

    Easy to install
    Do not require electrical supply

    Low cost
    Ideal for occasional static problems

  • The 406/7 and 409/11 Static Dischargers are powerful anti-static tape brushes that are easy-to-use and install.

    Simple and effective
    Can reduce high charges to a low level

    Ideal for OEMs
    Fast installation without fixings

    Available in reels
    Simple to cut to size required

  • The smallest available 24V DC Static Eliminator Bar.  Short, powerful & compact, with built-in electronics and all the benefits of high output of modern 24V DC Bars.

    Because some of our products are made in various sizes, part numbers and pricing will vary. Please contact us at or click the “Request a Quote” button below. We look forward to serving your static control and/or contamination control needs.

  • The compact 4800 is the most powerful DC ionised air nozzle available – in both ionisation performance and cleaning capability.

    24 V DC operation, with built-in electronics
    Powerful performance with all of the advantages of modern ionisation technology

    Most powerful ionised air nozzle
    For both static neutralisation and cleaning performance

    Wide range of applications
    From cleaning small medical mouldings to robot arms and high speed processing

  • The 4900 Roto-Clean combines an advanced circular ioniser with high speed, rotating air jets to create a uniquely effective tool for removing dust and contamination from industrial parts.

    Unique design, unique performance
    Advanced circular ioniser with high speed rotating air jets

    Thorough cleaning and static neutralisation
    Pulsed air effect cleans complex shapes and crevices.

    Versatile installation
    Configurable to demands of the process

  • The 660 is a compact static discharger for low cost, effective static elimination.

    Simple and effective
    Can reduce high charges to a low level

    Easy to install
    Does not require electrical supply

    Available in 1000 mm lengths
    Can be cut to required size by customer

  • The 8001 Precision Point Ioniser removes static electricity and contamination from small objects, including sensitive electronic components and assemblies.

    • 24 V DC operation with integrated electronics
      LEDs showing operational status, duplicated signals for remote monitoring
    • Balanced ionisation for better than +/- 20 V
      Exceeds ANSI ESD STM 3.1
    • Precision static neutralisation and cleaning
      For cleanrooms to ISO Class 4 and Critical ESD Protected Areas (EPAs)
  • 801 Anti-Static Tinsel is a traditional and effective method of neutralising static electricity.

    Simple and effective
    Can reduce high charges to a low level

    Low cost
    Ideal for occasional static problems

    Easy to use
    Connect to earth and drape over winder

  • 850 / 850E Anti-Static Cord is a versatile and cost-effective tool for neutralising unwanted static electricity.

    Simple and effective
    Can reduce high charges to a low level

    Modern version of copper tinsel
    More robust construction with microfibres

    Low cost
    Ideal for occasional static proble

  • The 9055-2 is a compact power unit designed to serve up to two static eliminators.

    Fraser’s comprehensive range of power units
    Uses American-style bayonet connectors

    Compact construction
    Two connections for combined bar and cable length of 12 m

    Illuminated on/off switch, USA/Canada UL certification

  • EX-HPSD 101 and 201 Static Dischargers are powerful anti-static tools which have been ATEX certified for use in hazardous areas.

    Unrivalled cost-effectiveness
    The low cost does not mean low performance

    Easy maintenance
    Solvent resistant / washable construction

    Choice of body style and fibre lengths

  • Static electricity is a problem in many industrial areas.  It slows production, reduces product quality, attracts contaminants and shocks operators.  It is a well-known issue throughout the plastics, packaging, paper, medical, electronics, textile and pharmaceutical industries.  In the industries that use solvents, explosives or other materials with a low ignition level, static can create the additional hazard of fire and explosion risks.

    The F-EX715 enables engineers to investigate these risks with safety and integrity.  This static meter has been developed specifically for industrial static electricity problems and has been certified for use in hazardous areas.

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