F-EX715 Static Meter

F-EX715 Static Meter


Static electricity is a problem in many industrial areas.  It slows production, reduces product quality, attracts contaminants and shocks operators.  It is a well-known issue throughout the plastics, packaging, paper, medical, electronics, textile and pharmaceutical industries.  In the industries that use solvents, explosives or other materials with a low ignition level, static can create the additional hazard of fire and explosion risks.

The F-EX715 enables engineers to investigate these risks with safety and integrity.  This static meter has been developed specifically for industrial static electricity problems and has been certified for use in hazardous areas.


The F-EX715 Static Meter can show where and how the static is generated, its magnitude along with its polarity.  This hazardous locator provides the engineers with a scientific basis for analysis.