XIFOS 33 Intelligent Static Eliminator

XIFOS 33 Intelligent Static Eliminator


The EX-1250 is a high performance static eliminator with ATEX certification for use in hazardous areas.

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A high power static eliminator for long range applications, the XIFOS 33 provides industry-leading pulsed DC technology with built-in field polarity sensing and adaptive ionisation.  It replaces NEOS 30 as the world’s most powerful long range static eliminator.

The power of the XIFOS 33 makes it ideally suited to manufacturers and end users of large winding machinery, such as slitter/ rewinders, cast film extruders, blown film extruders, and laminators.

XIFOS reactive intelligence sets new standards.  By optimising the output to remove the static charge, it delivers up to double the static neutralisation power of competitive products.

  • Shockless, resistively coupled and replaceable tungsten emitters for long life
  • Simple on-bar adjustment, giving the operator the ability to optimise performance for actual conditions at installation
  • 100% coverage: actual length = effective length
  • LED indication of status of bar and whether it needs cleaning
  • Duplicate remote signals for PLC or to power external lamps, relays
  • Remote on/off switching and standby mode

The XIFOS 33 Intelligent Static Eliminator is used on winders, unwinders and many other long range and wide area applications.


  • 100 – 250 V AC-DC 24 V Power Supply (Part No: NEOS-PSU)

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