EX-1250 Ex Static Eliminator

EX-1250 Ex Static Eliminator


The EX-1250 is a high performance static eliminator with ATEX certification for use in hazardous areas.

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The EX-1250 is a high performance static eliminator with ATEX certification for use in hazardous areas, which offers market-leading reliability and performance.

  • Resistively coupled emitters for maximum safety with optimal ionisation efficiency
  • Fully encapsulated live parts for protection, reliability and a long life
  • Robust construction and shockless operation
  • Operating distance between 20 – 150 mm, with best performance within 50 mm
  • Use with Fraser EXHP or HP-ION Power Units
  • Maximum load 30 m of combined bar and cable

The EX1250’s wide certification covers most industrial coating, laminating and gravure printing processes.


  • 90° cable exit
  • Metallic protective cable conduit
  • Air Knife mounted – see 5000/5100 and 5500
  • EXHP Power Unit – remote monitoring of operational condition/alarm – an LED can be fitted to show that high voltage is functioning
  • HP-ION (Model 3111) Power Unit – remote function monitoring to show status of high voltage and whether bars require cleaning

*** Please Note: 2 mounting kits for Bars up to 500mm in length, then 1 extra for every additional 500mm ***

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Effective 1030mm Overall 1100mm, Effective 1130mm Overall 1200mm, Effective 1230mm Overall 1300mm, Effective 130mm Overall 200mm, Effective 1330mm Overall 1400mm, Effective 1430mm Overall 1500mm, Effective 1530mm Overall 1600mm, Effective 1630mm Overall 1700mm, Effective 1730mm Overall 1800mm, Effective 1830mm Overall 1900mm, Effective 1930mm Overall 2000mm, Effective 2030mm Overall 2100mm, Effective 2130mm Overall 2200mm, Effective 2230mm Overall 2300mm, Effective 230mm Overall 300mm, Effective 2330mm Overall 2400mm, Effective 2430mm Overall 2500mm, Effective 2530mm Overall 2600mm, Effective 2630mm Overall 2700mm, Effective 2730mm Overall 2800mm, Effective 2830mm Overall 2900mm, Effective 2930mm Overall 3000mm, Effective 3030mm Overall 3100mm, Effective 3130mm Overall 3200mm, Effective 3230mm Overall 3300mm, Effective 330mm Overall 400mm, Effective 3330mm Overall 3400mm, Effective 3430mm Overall 3500mm, Effective 3530mm Overall 3600mm, Effective 3630mm Overall 3700mm, Effective 3730mm Overall 3800mm, Effective 3830mm Overall 3900mm, Effective 3930mm Overall 4000mm, Effective 430mm Overall 500mm, Effective 530mm Overall 600mm, Effective 630mm Overall 700mm, Effective 730mm Overall 800mm, Effective 830mm Overall 900mm, Effective 930mm Overall 1000mm