JetAURA Ionizing Gun – JAG-IV

JetAURA Ionizing Gun – JAG-IV

The JetAURA Ionizing Gun (JAG-IV) is a compact, lightweight Ionizing air-gun that eliminates static electricity and cleans products in Electronics, Semiconductor, Medical Device and Industrial manufacturing. The JetAURA has excellent Ion Balance and fast Static Decay Rates that make it the ideal choice for most applications that require static elimination. The JetAURA is configurable using custom nozzles and blow-modes, such as pulsed or steady blow-off, for specific applications, and the powerful air stream it generates is ideal for blowing away dust and particulates with ionized air.


  • Input Voltage: 24 V DC
  • Balance: +/-15V
  • Size: 169mm x 33mm x 169mm (6.6” x 1.3” x 6.6”)
  • Weight: 310g (0.68 lbs.)
  • Certifications: CE
  • Air Pressure Range: 7-87psi


Features and Benefits

  • Ergonomically friendly, balanced and lightweight design for a great in-hand feel
  • High-Frequency AC Discharge Technologyfor fast static elimination and efficient ion balance
  • Built in Piezoelectric Transformer ensures a safe product design with no heavy exposed high voltage cables
  • LED indicates Standby, Normal Ionization, or Fault Conditions
  • New, configurable 5Hz or 10Hz pulsed-air mode for optimal cleaning of products with difficult geometries and crevices
  • High-Brightness LED with optional off-delay, ideal for inspecting parts during cleaning
  • Efficiently Ionizes CDA (Clean Dry Air) or Nitrogen


  • Medical applications including:
    • Parts cleaning
    • Package cleaning
  • Optics processing, assembly, cleaning and packaging
  • Injection Molded parts cleaning (e.g., de-gating, mold-flash, airborne particles)
  • Ideal for ESD Sensitive Electronics or Medical Assembly applications & cleaning
  • PCB and Semiconductor Cleaning