4103 High Speed Static Bar

4103 High Speed Static Bar

The 4103 High Speed Static Bar introduces new standards in performance and size in a low-voltage 24VDC static eliminator.

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The 4103 High Speed Static Eliminator Bar introduces new standards in performance and size. This 24VDC shockless static eliminator has a slim compact size with all of the electronics (7.5 kV fully integrated power supply) fully built into the bar.  With the power supply built into the bar, there is no need for an external power supply.


The 4103 anti-static neutralizer bar is suitable for installation in space limiting applications that require low profile equipment.  Due to the slim compact size and easy installation, the 4103 static eliminator is the ideal choice for a static bar with modern machinery. And the 4103 is perfect for applications such as the printing, labelling, packaging and plastics industries.


  • The 4103 High Speed Static Eliminator Bar provides an easy interface with the machine controls.  Also included is local and remote status & performance monitoring.  Status and performance monitoring includes the “clean me” function via a LED indicator. The “clean me” function sends a signal to the operators letting them know when the bar needs attention.  LED status indicators include: Bar OK, (Green), Bar fault condition, (RED) and the Clean Bar, (alternating red/green).
  • The tungsten emitters guarantee a potential life of over ten years with 24/7 operation.
  • An essential quality of the 4103 static bar is the shockless operation.
  • The optimum operation distance is 20mm (0.78”) – 150mm (5.90”) from the target.

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Benefits & Advantages

  • The 4103 24VDC static eliminator is compact in size.
  • The emitter is made from Tungsten for the best long term performance; Resistively coupled for shockless operation
  • LED status indication: Bar OK, (Green), Bar fault condition, (RED), Clean Bar, (alternating red/green); i.e. “clean me” function.
  • Designed to cope with web speeds of 2000 ft/min or more @ 1 inch from the target.
  • This anti-static neutralizer bar has shockless operation
  • Best operational distance of 20mm (0.78″) to over 150mm (5.90″).
  • Remote monitoring of operational status and cleanliness available through 24V interface.
  • All electricals are integrated into the bar – there is no external power unit. No high voltage cabling is required.
  • The 4103 ionizing bar can interface with PLC systems.