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  • The Piezonizer ANZ-SC3 is a pencil-type air ionizer that can help remove static electricity on a material or object in a tight, compact area. Considered the ideal choice to clean parts and assemblies in the Electronics, Medical Device and Semiconductor Markets. It’s commonly used in applications such as cell phone manufacturing, PCB assembly, watch making, and cleaning optics/wafers. The ANZ-SC3 has excellent Ion Balance and fast static decay rates that makes it a great device for most applications that require point ionization at the source

  • The CABX HDC-AC Ionizing Bar is 30% faster and smaller in dimension to Shishido’s popular CABC Air Bar Ionizer. The ELIMINOSTAT CABX is ideal for electronic devices where delicate static elimination is required. Since large amounts of positive and negative ions are supplied constantly to the area requiring static elimination, there is a small difference in static elimination from one area to the next.

    The new CABX features two nozzle types: (a) High speed performance air nozzle and (b) Low air consumption nozzle for your application needs.

    Because some of our products are made in various sizes, part numbers and pricing will vary. Please contact us at or click the “Request a Quote” button below. We look forward to serving your static control and/or contamination control needs.

  • The Statiron DP Charge Plate Monitor (CPM) is a handheld static electricity measuring instrument designed to check the static decay times and system balance monitoring for all ionizing equipment in your facility.

  • The Winstat BF-SZAII Ultra-Compact Ionizer is a small profile ionizer, and is a great choice to address static problems in locations that have physical restrictions. The ionizer is ideally suited for both the Electronics industry along with the Life-Sciences market where ESD events can cause process issues, and destruction to electronic components. The blower can also be used for in-tool applications and for spot ionization, instead of using compressed air technology.

  • The Winstat BF-X2ZB-V2 Benchtop ionizer is a small profile, lightweight unit that removes static in a wide range of applications especially in the Electronics and Medical Device Manufacturing Process. The BF-X2ZB-V2 blower can be placed on a workbench, or it can also be used as a process tool and mounted above a conveyor line, or in a tight production area to effectively remove static charges wherever ESD material-handling problems occur.

  • The Winstat SHBF-XZB Static Eliminator Blower is a compact air ionizer. It is a slim and light-weight unit that removes static in a wide range of applications especially in the Electronics and Medical Device Manufacturing Process. The SHBF-XZB Static Eliminator Blower can be placed on a workbench or desk and features SSD HF (high frequency) AC technology. Easy maintenance is accomplished with the detachable louver and emitter needle unit. There are two kinds of louvers which allow wide or straight ionization. It has a variable air speed controller and contains an HV alarm function.

Showing all 6 results