HEPA Filter VQMFLTH5012: (for the WebVAC Dust Collector (VQM5012))

HEPA Filter for the WebVAC Dust Collection System (Model VQM5012)

  • One Filter
  • Made specifically for the WebVAC Dust Collector
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HEPA Filter for WebVAC Dust Collectors (Model VQM5012)

The WebVac Web Cleaning System is a continuous-duty cleaning system designed to provide contact or non-contact cleaning of narrow and wide webs in a variety of critical applications – enabling converters the ability to simultaneously improve the quality of product and increase profits by reducing rejects.

  • HEPA filter made Specifically for the WebVAC Dust Collector (Model VQM5012)
  • SKU: VQMFLTH5012
  • Note:  This is only the HEPA filter for the WebVAC Dust Collector.  To view the WebVAC Web Cleaning System, see this product page.
  • (Above image is for the VQM5003/5005 filter.  Image for the VQM5012 not available at this time.)