A New Technology in Town

The “DC Only” myth

Static Clean has been proud to represent Shishido Electrostatic Limited for over eight years as they continue to set the bar high when it comes to innovative ionization technology used in static control. For years, most high technology companies, especially those in Semiconductor and Hard Disk Drive (HDD) have viewed DC Ionization as the only acceptable type of static controls devices in their ESD Sensitive fabs and processing line. The “DC Only” myth was created almost 20 years ago and since that time it has been an uphill battle for AC corona ionization to be considered. That is about to change.

Achieving Balance

Shishido’s new technology is called HDC-AC, which is a Hybrid Digitally Controlled AC power supply design. One of the major problems with all ionizer products is that the emitters or needles gather particles on the tips. This contamination problem reduces ion output production, which translates to slower static decay rates and it also upsets the positive and negative balance of the ions being created. Simply stated, an unbalanced ionizer can produce more ions in one polarity than the other, which can cause harm to sensitive electronic devices. With the HDC-AC design, less particles are attracted to the emitters in the first place, thus creating long-term stability and performance.

What actually is HDC-AC?

It is a unique, ultra-small, stable AC-type high-voltage power supply that is under patent pending status. It has superior features that are created by using digital control for the input of the wire wound transformer.   By using digital Pulse Width Module (PWM), it allows for greater control of the high-voltage output. How is the new technology implemented into ionizer products? So far, it has been incorporated into the CABX linear static bar, BF-XMB slim and lightweight benchtop ionizing air blower, the BF-X2MB unit, the BF-X4MB wide coverage (400mm) blower and the even wider coverage model BF-6MB, and the BF-OHP-3B Overhead Ionizing air blower. For information on these key products, please visit Static Clean at www.staticclean.com