2400 Room Ionization System

2400 Room Ionization System

This innovative AirStat Digital Control Model 2400 Ceiling Emitter Ionizer is designed to provide room ionization in the semiconductor wafer process, flat panel display, pharmaceutical and other clean environment applications.  High ion output current results in a fast discharge time.  The digital control system enables the accurate adjustment of power output and includes monitoring capabilities.

It is especially suited for open environments such as process bays, ballrooms or other large areas.  Users can accurately set up the output parameters such as voltage and operating time through a remote control.  With an LED display and audio alarms, users can identify the failure status or required cleaning cycle.

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The Model 2400 Room Ionization System features:

  • Innovative Digital Technology
  • Pulsed DC Ion Emission
  • 4-Digit LED Display
  • Audio & Visual LED Alarms
  • IR Remote Controller
  • Voltage Feedback Monitoring


  • Fast Discharge Time
  • On / Off Time Operation
  • Output Parameter Display
  • Large Capacity