Ions for Health

I received a call back in 1985 from a guy in South Dakota looking to buy an ion for his brother. I told him that you couldn’t buy just one ion, but that we have ionizers that produce millions of ions. He went on to say that his brother owns a bar and that the Board of Health was going to shut him down unless he put in an ionizer system to eat the smoke in a dungeon of a bar that had a low ceiling.

Even though warning labels appeared on cigarette packs back in the late 1960’s, it wasn’t until around 1985 that the understanding of the harm caused by secondhand smoke started to catch on. In 2000, states started taking measures to ban smoking in restaurants and bars. In fact, in 2002 Delaware was the first state to ban smoking in restaurants, bars and the workplace.

So what about our friend from South Dakota?

Besides the fact that the bar was like a dungeon with low ceilings, it had an inadequate heating, ventilation and cooling systems (HVAC). Even back in the 1980’s, people realized that ions help in the fight against not only smoke, but also odors and other airborne contaminants that impact health.

Today, ionization is a standard tool in the fight to improving indoor air quality. Ionizers are used in many gambling casinos where smoking is allowed. Ionizers are used not only to keep the cooling coils clean on the upstream side of the HVAC systems, but on the downstream side where air enters the gambling halls. The goal is to keep the players healthy.

Hospitals use ionization to fight outside diesel fuel that may enter through the air systems. Gymnasiums use them as a tool to fight odors just as nail salons do to rid the smell of noxious nail polish remover.

For years, boutique stores in major malls have sold single polarity, negative ion generators that claim to have health benefits. There were many who had their doubts about these products. Now, bi-polar ionizers are used in globally renowned institutions with the confidence that it really improves our everyday lives.

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